When we were young

Growing up,  my sister and I spent most weekends at our family farm helping my dad planting mango trees, playing with our farmer’s children and swimming in the village river. Each Sunday, we would leave home at 6 am to drive 3 hours out of the city to this little escape. Fond memories of endless summers gone by, tasting our first homegrown fruit and highway sojourns filled our simple and enriching childhood. We imbibed values of simple living, uncomplicated outlooks on life and how passion can be the driving force in life.

 Over the years, we all settled in our different roles, my sister went on to study  abroad while I began pursuing a degree in law. Our dreams took a back-seat and for the most part we were lost and unsure of why we were doing what we were. It was then a realization dawned that we wanted to change something, not just exist in life but build something we are truly and greatly proud of.

 In 2016, my now husband and I, began working on Aureole with very little idea of what we were doing back then.  A trip cutting across the landscape of Gujarat brought much clarity. An interaction with craftsman, weavers and the magic they were able to create reminded me of the beauty in those childhood days gone by, those weekends after school; jumping in rivers, swimming in them, eating the most devourable meals on unnamed little road-side stalls and the little luxuries we had along the way.

 Aureole is inspired from this vision; of green pastures, blue skies and simple times. We make beautiful clothes for you to live in, to dream in and dance in. We want to remind you that simplicity will always be beautiful.

 We hope to grow together with you for years to come.



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